For some of us, not all of us our inspiration often comes at the most unforeseen times in our lives.

Some of your most moving moments in life happen along your journey of acceptance and the willingness to be open to new experiences. Recently I found myself as an observer in life. Situational I was in a training room where the topic of discussion was Values, Strengths and Gifts presented by the Who Am I Foundation. I was challenged to think about my core values and what directs my future. Where did my roots establish and what aspects was limiting my thinking.

How often do I spend time in Human DOING versus BEING mode. Transformational is a very powerful space to enter and one that we are often not ready to embrace. Through which filters do you see life? There are so many facets to Who WE are as individuals. Have you thought about a seeming simple topic like Confidence? Are you a confident person or do you feel that you lack confidence? Often we focus on the surface and battle to reflect or engage with the depth of our being.

Let’s think about this for a moment. Is Confidence and Assertiveness linked? What is your definition of Confidence and Assertiveness? I am a very confident individual however when my knowledge of a subject matter is questionable I am quiet and less engaging. Does this mean I am not being assertive? Does it mean I am not skilled in the subject? We often show up differently. Which circumstances do you show up confidently? How often are you assertive?

Yes, these are all deeply reflective questions. Do you gift yourself the time to engage and truly think about Who You Are? Do you naturally step into the tendency of avoidance? Stop choosing which mask or dress to wear in which circumstance. Show up in the emperor’s clothes as your true authentic self. Not naked to the world. Be curious about what drives you. Be curious about what is limiting you. Be curious about Who you really are! I applaud you to explore yourself at a new level.