In the blink of an eye January has ended. Four months into the launch of Kamin Taute Coaching & Consultancy we have some exciting news to share. I have launched a collaborative initiative called Youth Collab. Please follow us on LinkedIn. Our website will be up and running shortly which will feature more about our offerings.

My passion for developing people led me to join Releasing Eagles a youth development programme in 2017. The beneficiaries of this programme start at age 13 and as Coaches and Mentors we are part of their journey till they start University or join the world of work.

During my time in corporate we had a “buddy programme” one year during which a leadership member and a staff member within their first year of joining the organisation was paired. Years later my buddy and I still check in on each other even though we are no longer in the same organisation. These connections are established for life.

So back to the Youth Collab. In the early development of my business I was told to find my niche. One morning I recall the AHA moment when I decided “that is it”. The energy we get from these moments of insight are amazing and really move us to action. I have always had a keen interest in developing future leaders and working with the younger generations. Youth Collab has defined a programme that can be delivered within organisations for school leavers entering the workplace. Many school leavers do not have the opportunity to go to University and enter the workplace being rather unprepared. The net effect is an overhead on the time of the Human Resources and Middle Management teams.

Youth Collab looks at a range of assessments, a career development plan, individual and group coaching and introducing workplace and personal skills to flourish in the world of work. We work closely with the management team to craft the best solution for their needs.
Contact us on to find out more information. We are passionate about developing future leaders.