Some time ago I came across Holstee and their manifesto. These words rang true to me and so I started to follow more of their work. I have signed up to receive their daily reflections. You can too by visiting their website.

One of the Holstee monthly themes was Kinship. In the reflection you are encouraged to consider your relationships. Read more below and be sure to subscribe.

 Dave, co-founder of Holstee shares his reflection

“When I looked at this illustration for the first time, it prompted me to reflect on the relationships in my life. I thought about the ones that are based on a deep sense of admiration, respect and desire to support one another.

And, perhaps more importantly, I critically considered the role I play in my relationships with others. I am sure I have unintentionally played the role of a cloud when I could have been a supporting sun.

How do your relationships compare to the ones in this month’s illustration? Who casts a shadow on your light? In what ways can you bring more warmth to the people around you?”