I recently attended a leadership event discussing values-based leadership. The audience was asked: 1) What is values-based leadership 2) Why is it important to the future of work?

 Values-Based Leadership is defined as Motivating employees by connecting organisational goals to employees’ personal values. Values-based leaders communicate organisational values that tell members how to behave in order to fulfil the organisation’s mission.

 Towerstone Leadership Centre mentions that Organisational values drive the way we influence, how we interact with each other, and how we work together to achieve results. Organisational values are not descriptions of the work we do or the strategies we employ to accomplish our mission, they are the unseen drivers of our behaviour, based on our deeply held beliefs that drive decision-making. The collective behaviours of all employees become the organisational culture – “the way we do things around here” – fulfilling the organisation’s promise to stakeholders.

 There are many aspects that form part of this very important discussion. Let’s start with the focus on the values of an individual. We all have our personal values and if you are unclear of what yours are you can take this online assessment. Your values reflect what is important to you.

 Similarly an organisation has defined values. I recently came across an offering by Hi5called Values Creator which assists in defining the values for your organisation and drawing inspiration from some of the leading companies in the world. Take a look at their offering.

 How do you personal values align to those of the organisation that you work within? I have found that if an individual’s personal values and that of the organisation they work within closely align the individual thrives within this environment.

 During my research in understanding values-based leadership in more detail I came across a great two part article by Jan Hill which incorporates Neuroscience in the Values discussion. I strongly suggest reading these are articles:

 The neuroscience of organisational values – part 1 The neuroscience of organisational values – part 2

 Our personal values are showcased in the way we behave and so should the values of the organisation. Often the organisations values are posters on the wall and not engrained in the DNA of the company. Take a moment to reflect – Do you know what your personal values are? Do you know what the values of your organisation are? How closely do your personal values and those of your organisation align?

Here is one of my favourite examples of company values

Source: http://think-human.com/

In closure, I do not think values-based leadership is a new concept within the world of work. I think the importance of values-based leadership has been overlooked in some circumstances and as we approach the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) consideration should be given to the aspects that are critical to our success in the VUCA world we find ourselves.

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